Margarine and Cooking Oil Bentonite

In recent years, acid activated clays have been used instead of natural clays for bleaching edible fats. The reason for this is that acid activated clays have higher performance, they can be used in dark colored fats and they can adsorb high rate chlorophyl.

Inpurities(phosphates, metals, free fatty acids, etc.) in most vegetable and animal oils are eliminated with the refination of oils. The oils from the alkali refination process are subjected to refination under vacuum at 90 – 95 °C for 30 mins. after mixing with bleaching soil in ratio of 0.3% – 1.5 % depending on the type and characteristic of the oil. The function of the bleaching soil in oil sector is;

  • Adsorption of color pigments ( Chlorophyls, caratenoids, hydrocarbons, etc.) in high rates,
  • Retention of residual soaps
  • Preventing increase in free fatty acids
  • High filtration rate
  • Preventing oxidation products
  • Reducing peroxide value of fat
  • Retention of heavy metals in fat